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Hymns of Eternal Truth - a collection of songs

There are many Christian songs and songbooks that I have used and loved in my life. One of my favorites is Hymns of Eternal Truth, a collection of John and Charles Wesley's songs that were written in the 1700's. Resurrection Life Church in Santa Ana, California, where I was the pastor for about 25 years from 1986 to 2011, has used the Hymns of Eternal Truth for many years. We have loved the songs because of the solid, deep clear truth that is in them, and for the strength of many of the tunes. The book was put together by a man named George North, dear to many of us for his love for Jesus, his exemplary love for his fellow man, and his tenacious and courageous grip on the truth in Jesus that I love so dearly. We were introduced to the book through Doug Abel, who was born again while in England in a fellowship and movement using the book. We are so glad he came back to the U.S. through a series of events and brought Jesus with him, influencing many including myself. Among many things that he also brought back, Hymns of Eternal Truth was one of them. Thank you Doug!!


I have included the chords for the songs in keys that have been the best for us. I have also included the music version of Hymns of Eternal Truth in gif format. And we often have used alternate tunes for the songs. I have included these in the documents and also included sheet music and an audio mp3 for the alternates. The audio mp3's are provided to give you a sense of the speed of the songs and sense of the song's character. Some tunes may be unfamiliar to many. Others were written by me to replace outdated tunes. Some people have jokingly or mockingly called the book Hymns of Eternal Length! :) No matter to me... I find that when I am worshiping the Lord and singing even the longest of songs, I am really and truly "lost in wonder, love and praise!"


Our heart’s desire has been to include these precious songs in our week to week worship time, keeping them fresh and relevant to our lives in the 21st century. I hope you will find them of much blessing, too!




1. The excel document “Hymns of Eternal Truth – rpp version” and the pdf have been formatted for printing two to a page, paper size A4. If you want some other paper size of format, you will need to adjust the excel document.


2. For some tunes you may not know, the sheet music and audio mp3's are provided to give you a sense of the speed of the songs and sense of the song's character.


Hymns of Eternal Truth - rpp intro.doc

Hymns of Eternal Truth - rpp version.xls

Hymns of Eternal Truth - rpp version.pdf

Hymns of Eternal Truth - rpp version - sheet music.zip (31MB)

Hymns of Eternal Truth - rpp version - audio.zip  (114MB)