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Church life is very important to us. Church is more than a place we go to every Sunday. Church is a group of people that God has knit our hearts with. When a person is saved by Jesus and filled with His Spirit, that Spirit automatically joins the person's heart to all the other true believers in the world. When hearts are joined, the love of God is there, and a willingness to work together to help each other and reach out to those who don't know Jesus because finding Jesus is the best and most important thing that can ever happen to a person!


Resurrection Life Church in Santa Ana, California, was our home church for 25 years. I was pastor there. Kathy and I loved and cared for the people in the church on a daily basis, though I worked a full time job as a civil engineer during most of those years. And the people were a tremendous blessing to us in so many ways.


In 2011 Kathy and I moved to Mongolia with the blessing of the church to serve the Lord in a new capacity, which we are enjoying so much. But they continue to be our "sending" church and we maintain a heart-link with them.


Since then, Resurrection Life Church has done a major change to their website. Nevertheless, there are some people who would like to be able to refer back to many of the photos, messages and writings that aren't included in the new website. Since I was the one who developed and maintained the original website from its beginning until Kathy and I moved to Mongolia, I felt it would be good to make these pages available again.


For the Resurrection Life Church Chronicles: Resurrection Life Church Chronicles


Click on the button to go to Resurrection Life Church's current website: Reslifechurch.com


There are many people outside our church that we have special friendships with. We visit them from time to time, and they in turn visit us. Below are just a few of them.

New Life Christian Fellowship

The first three photos below are of New Life Christian Fellowship that we were involved with in Rolling Meadows and Palatine, Illinois until we moved to California in 1986. The last four are of Resurrection Life Church in Costa Mesa and Santa Ana, California that we have been part of since 1986. Wonderful people all!

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