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The Dibbles - My Mom's side of the family...

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Grandpa Paul Dibble's grandfather was Asa Doughty. He fought at the battle of Gettysburg on the Union side and was a prominent man in South Dakota.


Grandpa Paul Dibble's father was James Dibble; his mother was Hettie Doughty. The following photos were taken in South Dakota between the years 1905 and 1917. The two photos on the porch of the old house include Asa, James, Hettie and their kids. James Dibble established a series of churches in South Dakota, including the one shown here. The photo after the church building is of Hettie and Grandma Dibble.



My Grandma Marie Bjerno was born in Denmark and moved first to Chicago, then to South Dakota with the dream of becoming a missionary. Her parents surname was Larson, which they changed to Bjerno.


Grandpa Paul Dibble was born in Arlington, South Dakota, where he grew up on a farm with 3 other brothers. The first photo is of the house he was born in. The next is Paul and Marie's wedding photo. The day they married they caught a boat for India where they were missionaries until 1929. My mom and Uncle Birney were born in India. The rest of the photos in this group were of the family in India.


After coming back to America Paul and Marie settled in Illinois where Paul became a minister. The church building and house is where they lived when I have my first memories of our family visiting them.


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