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Photos of Our Trip to Ohio and Illinois

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At Christmas time, 2006, Kathy, Kim and I went on a trip to Ohio to visit our daughter Christy and her husband Eric. Great time! We spent time there in Columbus staying with Christy and Eric and their black Labradors Sasha and Gabby, puppies but already big. We had Christmas dinner with Eric's family who we love. Eric and I also had the opportunity of using some free tickets to a Cleveland Cavaliers basketball game. It was almost a two hour drive each way to Cleveland, but worth it!

After Christmas Kathy, Christy, Eric, Kim and I drove to Elgin, Illinois, outside of Chicago, to stay with Kathy's brother Jamie and his wife Carolyn and their boy Jacob for 4 days. Kathy's other brother Rick drove down from Appleton, Wisconsin, to be with us. It was a treat to be with all of them.


During our stay there Kathy, Christy, Eric, Kim and I took the train into Chicago to enjoy the city life and to have lunch at my sister Anne's place with her and my mom who was visiting her. We enjoyed that, as well as our walk through downtown Chicago.

The next day I drove to Wheaton, Illinois where I spent the first 12 years of my life. The first photo is of Emerson Grade School where I attended while there. The next photo is of the "creek" where my brother Jim and I and our friends used to play often. It might look pretty dull, but we had great fun there, and great adventures. The next photo is of what we used to call Delles Park. We would skate there every winter when the pond froze. The photo of the railroad tracks shows where we used to play often. I loved hanging around the tracks. We did all kinds of things there, like putting pennies on the tracks and run to find them after the train had run them over. I also took a drive to Dekalb, where I attended Northern Illinois University and earned my bachelor of science degree in education. The fifth photo is of the lagoon on campus with the art building on the other side of it where I spent much much time during those years. The sixth photo is of the church I attended for much of my time while a student. Things have changed very little in Dekalb in the thirty years since I have been there. This church building has not changed a bit, but it reminds me of many memories of the days when I was seeking for truth and began to seek the Lord Jesus. There were some people there who were of great blessing to my life. The days were difficult but exciting at the same time.

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