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Our Trip to Ohio & Chicago 2009

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In August, 2009 Kathy, Kim and I flew out to Ohio to see Christy, Eric and little Audrey. From there we drove to the Chicago area to meet with friends and relatives. My mom died in May several days after flying out to the Boston area to visit my sister Irene and family. It was a shock to us all. But somehow I see the Lord's hand in it all, and am thankful that Mom knew the Lord Jesus and is now with Him forever. We all gathered in Arlington Heights, Illinois where her ashes are set next to my dad's. It was a wonderful time to see everyone there. We had the opportunity to be with my two sisters and brother and their families. Great!! And Chicago is a great place to visit... :)



After our time in Chicago Kathy, Kim, Christy, Eric, Audrey and I drove back to Ohio and spent more days with Eric, Christy and little Audrey. Such a good time!! You can see some more photos of Audrey and the family and our time with them in photos of Christy and Kim.



One day we took a drive north of Columbus into the countryside to visit some Amish towns. The Amish are a religious group with certain beliefs that lead them to live as simple a life as they can in a busy world. Their farms are beautifully kept, and they are hardworking people.



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