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Scholarship Fund

To Help People in Financial Need


Kathy and I have set up a fund for students and others who are in financial need. We want this to be a simple opportunity for our friends and contacts to easily help the people that Kathy and I come in contact with in our every-day lives. Living in Mongolia gives us many opportunities to meet people and help them in many ways.


To donate by credit or debit card:

To donate by check or to transfer money on line to the Scholarship Fund account at our bank, or if you have any questions, please contact us at:  




We began this fund in July, 2014 because of the needs of two foreign students here in Mongolia who attend Mongolia International University where Kathy and I work. The opportunity they have to live and study outside of their own country is wonderful and is a key opportunity not only for them but for many other lives they can eventually touch. We are very happy to send you more information about them or the other people we help. We will send you a receipt and are happy to let you know how your contributions were used.  


Thank you so much for your help and interest!!


Richard and Kathy