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My Artwork - From 2008 to the 2009

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Oil paintings done in 2008....

I have been working on new paintings since the beginning of 2008. I have a friend in Thailand named Bua who has been an inspiration to me to pick up my paint brush again and focus on some new areas of challenge. We have worked on the same subject matter, interpreting the subject in our own style and learning from each other's work. She named this painting "Venice, of Course!". The first photo is of the complete work, followed by the original photo I took in Venice. Included here are 3 details of the painting, as well as a look at my work bench when I am in the process of mixing paints... ! A bit of a mess...



This next one is called "Vela Azzurra", which is Italian for Deep Blue Veil. When my wife Kathy and I were in Italy with Kathy's mother, we went to visit the Vatican. The place was so crowded that day because people were waiting for the Pope to arrive. The girl in the photo I took was one of many, and you can tell from the photo that she is a religious girl, eager to see the Pope. I don't know what country she was from, because there were people from many many places. Along with the painting I have included three details and the original photo I took.



I began to experiment with watercolor because of the encouragement I received from Bua. I have not done much watercolor since college days. But I was eager to give it a try again. I have enjoyed some experimenting with it. I have particularly liked the effect of using pencil a little heavier than normal, and allowing it to show to one degree or other. These next watercolors I did in 2008.






Paintings done in 2009....

I have continued to do some watercolors. The mouse in the cheese was my subject for one since my wife Kathy has written a children's book needing some artwork... :) With "The Night Ship" I continued to experiment with watercolor on various colored matt board. I have liked the effects. I also have done several oil paintings using the same technique of allowing the pencil to show through. "View From a Train" is a quick experiment in this way. "Ohio Countryside" (and the detail of it) is a more successful attempt at it. I like the feel and look of that one. Since then I have done two more watercolors that Bua and I have done together: "The Lord Bless You and Keep You" and "Music Is My Best Friend." I am happy with the way they turned out, and feel I am learning more about watercolor. I have included a detail of each here.






Early Art   1977 to 2007  2010 to 2012