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My Artwork - From 2010 to the Present

Early Art   1977 to 2007  2009 to 2010

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Artwork done in 2010 ....

In 2010 I did one art project with Bua in Thailand, based on her photo of a door in Myanmar that she photographed while there. I also did some experimenting with some old blueprints from a project I worked on at Fluor. I also did some oil paintings of birds, but found I was ready for some new ideas.



Artwork done in 2011 ....

I did some small oil paintings in early 2011, one of which is shown here. I did 3 art projects with Bua in 2011. The first was of a photo I took while Kathy and I traveled through Thailand in 2010. After moving to Mongolia in April, 2011 we did one project based on a photo I took at the Tuul River in Ulaanbaatar, and then of a photo Bua took in Vietnam while traveling there.



Artwork done in 2012 ....

The semester at LEI / MIU in Mongolia was very busy, so I have not done much art. One interesting project was painting on silk cloth, which Inja, a teacher in the fashion design department at MIU, used to create a few dresses for a fashion show in the city. You can see my paintings, which I did first, and the dresses made by Inja. I found it difficult to paint on silk, and am somewhat happy with the results. I have also had some time during the summer to teach some students watercolor painting, dabbling in it myself, as you can see by the frog watercolor :)