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Photos of Trips to China - 2006!

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In November of 2006 Kathy and I traveled to China once again to be involved with friends and Caring for China people in Xian. It was a wonderful time! We had the opportunity to renew our friendships with people there as well as to make new friends and contacts. 


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One of the reasons for the trip to China was to continue our friendship with Caring for China. Caring for China has three aspects: placing foreign English teachers in universities in China, maintaining three orphanages, and providing health care for the Caring for China staff and orphans under their care as well as providing health care to the poorer residents of Xian and the surrounding rural areas. We are on the board of directors for Caring for China. We were able to visit some of the people there that we are linked with and to observe the Caring for China Health Care that is developing in a wonderful way. The Health Care staff has a true heart to bring help to the people both in the physical sense and in the spiritual sense. They have had wonderful opportunities to minister the life and love of God.




Another reason for traveling to China this time was to be involved in the wedding of Deane Morris of New Zealand and Jumei Zhu of Xian. It was a great time with them. I had the privilege of officiating at the wedding. Deane and Jumei will be making their home in New Zealand. We met Jumei in 2002 during our first visit to China. We have been close friends ever since.




We spent a day at Tang Paradise Park, a very large well designed park recently constructed in Xian. A drama about the Tang Dynasty is performed in the theatre that is well-worth seeing. Some of the performers were also captured by my camera during some of their off moments!



Here are some more photos of our stay. I could have added many more, but these will at least give you an idea of some of the sites around China.



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