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In June, 2009 Kathy and I took a trip to Mongolia. I had made many contacts and friends on the internet, and felt it would be great to visit them. Kathy was excited to go as well. We were there for two weeks, spending time in Ulan Bataar, the capital, and Darkhan, the second largest city in Mongolia. We visited many friends and also 6 of the churches recently established there. We had a wonderful time. The people are general really nice and make you feel welcome. Most of the young people have learned some English and are happy to practice it. Many young men love to play basketball. I joined in with a bunch of friends one evening... Great! This page shows some of the people we visited in Ulan Bataar and some of the churches as well. Page 2 shows the friends and places we visited in Darkhan and the surrounding countryside.


Here are some of the churches we visited and some of the friends that are part of those churches. The country is 3% Christian and the remainder Buddhist, Shamanist and Muslim. Kathy and I found a true eagerness in many people to know the Lord Jesus. Here are some of them.. :)


Mongolia 2009 page 2

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