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After being in the capital for 8 days, we took a three hour bus ride north to the second largest city in Mongolia called Darkhan. We stayed with some dear friends, and visited some others who we had a great time with. We also had time to take a few day trips to the surrounding countryside. Mongolia is populated by about 2.6 million people. Perhaps 1.6 million of those live in Ulan Bataar. The rural areas of Mongolia are populated by nomads who travel to two or three or more different places each year, due to the harsh weather and geographic conditions. A huge amount of the countryside is open. There is a tremendous beauty to it. But the people are kind, and when you visit a place in the countryside, even if you don't know the people, they will serve you their traditional milk tea and some bread to eat.


After three days Kathy and I returned to Ulan Bataar. The family we had stayed with for the previous eight days took us for an overnight trip to one of their beautiful national parks called Terelj. We stayed in a ger, the traditional round home that can be taken down and moved to another location very quickly. It is perfectly suited to the nomadic lifestyle that many have, much like the American Indian teepee was used in America. We had a great time there. The countryside was beautiful!


Back in the center of the city, Kathy and I spent a couple of more days with friends and churches before heading back home to California. Here are a few photos of Ulan Bataar on a clear day, along with an elderly lady in traditional clothing and a lady selling telephone time to some who can't afford a cell phone.


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