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Photos of Our Trip to

North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania & Washington D.C. !

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Finally after all these years Kathy and I were able to travel to North Carolina to visit my brother Jim, his wife Ginny, and their four lovely daughters Stephanie, Jody, Corinne and Bridget. We went with Jim and Ginny west to the Blue Ridge mountains for a couple of days where we met up with Stephanie who is working there for the summer. Corinne and Bridget are at home for the summer, and we had dinner with Jody in Washington D.C. where she is working for the summer. The time with all of them was great.

After time with Jim and Ginny and family we headed north to Pennsylvania and Washington D.C. for several days. Along the way we stopped in Farmville, Virginia to visit Xiaona Ren. It was so nice to meet her and have two delicious meals with her!

We continued up to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania to have a look around the Civil War battlefield there. It was the first time Kathy and I had ever been there. We found it very interesting. My great-great grandfather Asa Byron Doughty fought in the battle on the Union side with the First Minnesota Infantry Regiment. It is a wonder he made it out alive since the majority of that regiment were killed in the battle. The monument is one of many that are throughout the site. The field is where Picket's charge took place. The family photo is of Asa and his family. He went on to serve for several years in the House of Representatives from South Dakota.

Kathy and I drove east from Gettysburg and spent a day driving through Amish country. They are a group of religious people who have sought to maintain a simplicity of life in the mist of the so-called progress of our society. What hard working people they are. Their farms are beautiful, and they are well-known for the high-quality furniture they make.

From Amish country in Pennsylvania we went south to Washington D.C. and spent a day there. The first three photos are of the White House. President Bush was in and we watched his motorcade pass by about 5:00 pm to the sound of sirens and the help of four or five police on motorcycles, three limousines (we didn't know which one carried the President!) and three SUVs equipped with bodyguards armed with machine guns. The next three photos are of the Nation's Capital. Also pictured are the Washington Monument and four photos of views of the Lincoln Memorial.

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