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Welcome to my website! 

Here you can find out a little bit about me, where I have been, and where I am going. I was born and spent the first 32 years of my life near Chicago in Illinois. I earned a degree in art education at Northern Illinois University and taught art for two years at Wheeling High School. I then spent about seven years in land surveying. You can read "My Story" here on my website to find out more about the ups and downs and joys of the first 32 years of my life before our move to California. Except for a couple of years in land development, I worked for the next twenty or so years in civil engineering.


In April, 2011 Kathy and I moved to Mongolia. There were many reasons for our move, but the main reason was the fact that God was leading us to move there. It was a good move for us, despite the big changes! It was a great experience filled with many blessings. You can click on the "Richard's Adventures" link to see many photos that help to describe our life while in Mongolia.  Christy now lives in Ohio with her husband Eric and their daughter Audrey and Ellie. Kim recently graduated with a doctors degree in physical therapy from Emory University in Atlanta. She and Lenny Vu got married in June, 2013 and now live in Texas.



After our time there, we moved to Ohio where we now live, with its many challenges and blessings. I have tons of photos for you to see of my family, friends, church and some of the many places I have been to through the years. As you can tell, I love taking photos! I guess it's because of my artistic nature.


Take a look at many photos of our family. Also, I have posted photos of some places we have gone: China in October, 2008, Santa Barbara in January, 2009, and Mongolia in June, 2009. What a wonderful time Kathy and I had in Mongolia!! In February, 2010 Kathy and I took another trip to Thailand. It was great! You can see photos of our trips since April, 2011 in my blog.





I have posted a bunch of photos of the artwork I have done through the years. And I include some of the paintings my Grandpa Peter Porowski did. He loved to paint and was a master at his craft, much more than I.



I have links to some interesting websites that I encourage you to take a look at. There is also a short article written by a dear, loving, gracious friend of mine named George North entitled "Life is a Gift" that is included to encourage you to give your life to the Lord Jesus if you have never done so. This world was created by Him. Our purpose while we are here is to come to know Him and live with Him forever.


I am thankful for all that the Lord Jesus has done in my life, and I want to share it with you. My website is still under construction, but will be finished soon. You can get in touch with me by clicking on the "Contact Me" button. I would enjoy hearing from you!


God bless you,