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Photos of Our Trip to Thailand ~ Page 1

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In February, 2010, Kathy and I headed for Thailand and then a quick stop in South Korea. The trip was fascinating for many reasons. We visited friends there, who gave us some great Thai hospitality. And they took us to a lot of places that we enjoyed so much. We also visited some churches there, as well as one in South Korea. Our desire was to speak of Jesus in the churches and where opportunity availed itself. We visited three cities: Bangkok, Maha Sarakham in the northeast of Thailand, and Chonburi southwest of Bangkok along the Gulf of Thailand. Our first stop was in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. It is an incredibly busy city, with many things typical to a city of that size: the business districts with their high-rise modern buildings, the ancient areas showing so much of the history and culture of the country, the rich areas, the poor areas, and so on. It is situated on a large river. The weather was hot most of the time there, which is typical for Thailand.


One of the people we visited was our dear friend Bua. She and I both love art, and have done some projects together. You can see some of them in the art pages of this website. You can see some of her works on the wall of her home that Kathy and I visited. We also went to a lot of places in Bangkok with her. Great time!!

We visited other friends... here you can see Kathy with Fair and another friend, and then Kathy and I with Napak. In the first photo you can see a large photo of the king of Thailand and international dignataries at an event held in Thailand. Despite the protests that have taken place through the years, the majority of Thai people love their king. You can see and experience a lovely humility and respect for others in the Thai culture that even permeates the construction and use of their language.

We Another thing that is obvious in Thailand is the religion of Buddhism that also permeates so much of daily life, government and the landscape. In the heart of Bangkok one can visit the palace of the king and the main Buddhist temple.

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