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Photos of Our Trip to Thailand ~ Page 2

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After a week in Bangkok, it was so nice to travel on to a city in the northeast of Thailand called Maha Sarakham. Because I had never been in Thailand, the bus trip, though it lasted seven hours or so, was so interesting because of the opportunity to see the countryside for the first time. We visited some dear friends there. Yuwanda, who we call Meow, and Bee are like daughters to me. Meow is on the left, and Bee on the right of the first photo, along with Ramita, a lovely sister in the Lord that we met there. Meow and Ramita lived in the Youth With a Mission (YWAM) headquarters in Maha Sarakham, which you can see in the second photo. While there we took a drive into the countryside. It was great to see!! We also went to a monkey park. The monkeys were not the cute little friends you might expect to see. They were very aggressive, stealing food from people and scaring the ladies a bit.. haha! But it was fun to see them.. :)


One of the most important things Kathy and I did while there was to visit two churches that Meow is involved with. We went to the first one on the Sunday. The pastor, family, and church people were a delight to meet. The first two photos are of our time there. In the evening we went to another church that meets in a home. The leaders are from America. They show a huge amount of love for the people and dedication to the work they are involved in.

After a wonderful time in Maha Sarakham, Kathy, Meow and I went on a long but enjoyable bus ride (for me, anyway!) to Chonburi. It was so good to meet our friends there. Ying and her daughter Kry have a little church they call Youth for Christ. It was wonderful to see so many kids from the neighborhood spend time there after school each day. The first photo is of the place they meet at, also the kitchen in Ying and Kry's home. The second photo is of Kry and me. She, too, is like a daughter to me. Relationships with people are the most important thing in the world!! One evening Ying, Kry and the others in Youth for Christ put on a performance for us and the neighborhood. It was fun and stirring to the heart! The next day we went to the beach on the Gulf of Thailand to have a baptism. It was a great time for all of us.

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