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Photos of Our Trip to Thailand ~ Page 3

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After our time in Chonburi we went back to Bangkok for the last part of our time in Thailand. Our friend Wan organized a super trip for us up to the ancient capital of Thailand called Ayutthaya. It is very much a tourist town now, but very interesting. We visited both the ancient government buildings and temple ruins. Wan, too, is like a daughter to me. Meow was with us during our time in Bangkok, and another friend went with us to Ayutthaya nicknamed AOH. She is the one wearing black in the second photo. Wan is behind her, along with Kathy and Meow. We had a fun time there, and also a thought-provoking one, considering the history of civilizations and the rise and fall of kings and places and so on. Ah, and we went on an elephant ride, which was great! AOH had an encounter with an elephant's trunk at one point... :)


We went on to Bang Pa-In Palace, and absolutely beautiful area built during the time the capital of Thailand was in Ayuthaya. It is still used today by the king and queen. It was a beautiful day there. You wouldn't know it from the photos, but the heat was oppressive that day!

Here are a few more photos of Bangkok. We went to a few other places including Baiyoke 2 Tower where Wan, Meow, Kathy and I had a wonderful dinner at the top of the tower and then went outside to see the view. You can also see a photo of Kathy and our dear sister in the Lord Gift. We visited her church while in Bangkok and spent some time with her.

Here After an overnight flight from Bangkok to Seoul, we met our dear friend Judy and one of the pastors of her church. They took us to their church for the Sunday morning meeting. I had the privilege of speaking in their meeting. Though brief, it was so good to meet them. The church was so loving to Kathy and I. They are doing a great work there.

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