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Our church is linked with many, many churches and brethren throughout the world. The links these churches have made have been formed in a myriad of ways.


England      Click here for photos!

Our church is primarily linked with a work that began back in the 1960's, when a dear man of God named George North, who we have always affectionately referred to as Mr. North, was used of the Lord in the growth of a large house church called Devonshire Road Christian Fellowship in Liverpool, England under the charge of Norman Meeten. At that time God was moving in many places throughout the world. This move of God also reached down and affected even our little lives.


Links upon links began to be made among people and churches, first in England, and soon with churches and contacts in Europe, Africa, Asia, and North America. Though things have changed and evolved, Mr. North was certainly seen in those early days as a father figure in the particular work with which we are linked, and rightfully so, because he was such a loving, dedicated, holy man and his ministry was so blessed of God. He preached with fire, with love, with authority about holiness, purity of heart, and the knowledge of God. He had a wonderful grasp of the workings of the new birth and new life of God in man. He is so tremendously respected for both his life and his words.


Men and women that many of us have known such as Norman and Jenny Meeten, Bernard and Hazel Hull, dear Dave Wetherley who has gone to be with the Lord, Fred and Shiela Tomlinson, Roger and Pam Shuttleworth, Sandy and Beth Robertson, Paul and Lesley Evans, John and Celia Valentine and many others were born under Mr. North's ministry or greatly affected by it. And to this day, if you travel to England, or Germany, or France, or Italy, Scotland, Wales, China, Australia, Africa, the United States, or most any other place, we can point you to churches we are linked to with “bonds of love and chords of compassion”, where you will find the same deep life of God and the precious Spirit that we drink of.


Minneota, Minnesota – Minneota Christian Fellowship, Tom Nomeland, pastor.

                Bethel Fellowship Church

Minneota Christian Fellowship became linked with the fellowships in England in the 1970’s and with us at Resurrection Life Church through brethren in Stouffville, Ontario, Canada and Rolling Meadows, Illinois.


Los Angeles, California - Misión Belén, Joel Alvarez, José Pakaz and David Morales, pastors.

                Click here for photos!

Misión Belén is a Spanish speaking church in Los Angeles, California. Back in 1988 Richard Porowski went to Los Angeles to visit a brother that had been in contact with Javier Bravo in Colima, Mexico. Through that link, Richard met the pastor of the Misión Belén, Otoniel Ayala. Otoniel was a dear elderly man who loved the Lord with all his heart and was full of energy in doing good works for Him. Dear Otoniel went to be with the Lord in 2004 while working with the Misión Vida de Resurrección in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. The relationship between Resurrection Life Church and Misión Belén continues.


Titusville, Florida – New Covenant Church, Sandy Robertson, pastor.

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New Covenant Church became linked with Resurrection Life Church in 2003 through long-time friends of ours named Sandy and Beth Robertson who we met back in 1970’s when they were a part of the Stouffville Christian Fellowship.  Sandy Robertson later became the pastor of the Stouffville Christian Fellowship for some years. After some years in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and Orlando, Florida, Sandy became the pastor of New Covenant Church in Titusville.


Colima, Mexico – Colima Christian Church, Dr. Javier Bravo, pastor.   Click here for photos!

Colima Christian Church became linked with Resurrection Life Church in a wonderful way in the 1980’s.  Javier and his wife Elenita began the work in Colima after having been born of God in a wonderful way. They lived in England for a time and were a part of one of the fellowships there. Colima Christian Church is made up of many university teachers and students in Colima, Mexico who have discovered the richness of life in Christ Jesus and whose lives have been transformed by the power of His love.  Dr. Bravo has been a professor of linguistics at the University of Colima for many years, and has been used of the Lord Jesus to lead students and teachers to Him.


El Ocotito and Omitlan, Guerrero, Mexico   Click here for photos!

There are several churches in the state of Guerrero in Mexico that Resurrection Life Church is linked with. In 1995, Richard Porowski went for a visit with a brother from Mexico named Ricardo Bravo. We visit some churches in El Ocotito and other towns in the area. Our church has enjoyed some worthwhile visits there.


China - Caring for China, Cyril and Gabrielle Thomas, founders. 

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Cyril and Gabrielle Thomas were also involved somewhat in the fellowships in England, and after some years also with us of Resurrection Life.  Resurrection Life Church became involved in Caring for China through Cyril and Gabrielle Thomas in 1994.  We support the work in China prayerfully and financially.  One of our members, Kathy Porowski, is the Recruiting Coordinator for Caring for China in the US and Canada.  Noel Holly and Richard Porowski are on the board of directors. Caring for China sends English teachers to China, runs 3 Welfare Centers for children ages 0-13 in China, and operates a Hospital and Health Services Department in China.


Click on the Caring for China logo to see more information on the work:




Mongolia   Click here for photos!

In June, 2009 Richard and Kathy Porowski visited friends, brothers and sisters and their churches in Mongolia. Then in April, 2011 they moved to Mongolia to be involved in God's work there. The are employed at Mongolia International University where they find opportunities to minister the love and life of Jesus. They also have a Bible study that meets in their home each week as they look to the Lord for leading in their lives there in Mongolia.


Mongolia has a Christian population of about 3%. But since 1990 when they became an independent republic free from the Soviet block, Christianity has been flourishing. There is a fresh wave of the Spirit moving there, especially among young people. It is wonderful to see.


Click here to go to Richard's blog:  Richard's Adventures 


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Click here to go to Richard's personal website:  www.richardporowski.com 


Ireland   Click here for photos!

Through our link with Caring for China, we have gotten to know many brethren from around the world. One wonderful link is with Laurence and Ruth Hill, who live near Dublin. Laurence is one of the three directors of the Caring for China work in China, and is an integral part of it. He travels to China often, as well as to many other places, preaching and teaching in a deep and precious way. 


Africa    Click here for photos! 

John and Celia Valentine, originally involved with one of the house churches in England, were led by God to begin a Bible school and farm in Zimbabwe, Africa, over 25 years ago. The work is called Ameva Bible College. Despite the difficulties they have faced over the years, God has raised up a tremendous work among the people. They send out a simple weekly email update describing the faithful hand of God in the day to day situations they face and experience. Let us know if you are interested in receiving it.


John and Celia send out regular updates several times a month. We also post them here. Click on the link below to read them and other news from Zimbabwe.


              Recent Stories from Zimbabwe !


Click on the photo for a look at a past Ameva Update for much more information on the work: