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An Overview of Past Events 

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We at Resurrection Life Church maintain our weekly gatherings, along with many extra activities from time to time. Some of the main events we have had are added here on this page for you to look at. Don't forget to click on photos to see more about these events!


A visit from Bernard and Hazel Hull - April, 2010

Bernard and Hazel had the opportunity to stay with us for a longer time for this visit, which was very good. They also were able to go to several different places in Mexico and the U.S. from here. Excellent time!! We look forward to Bernard visiting us again in September for some important events!




Christmas Dinner - December, 2009

As has been our custom in recent years, we had another Christmas dinner on Sunday before Christmas. What a great time of worship to the Lord Jesus and a super dinner afterwards, capped by a fun and worthwhile drama by some of the folks in the church of the Christmas story. Great time!!




Another Baptism - September, 2009

Another baptism! This time it was Liz Minarik in September, 2009. Each life God saves is unique and finds the Lord in a unique and personal way. Such was the case with Liz, also. Though growing up in a Christian home, she still had many questions about God and the truth. But we bless the Lord Jesus for His ways with her, and that Liz, in time, gave her life to Him!!




A Visit from Norman and Jenny Meeten - March, 2009

We had the privilege again to have our precious friends Norman and Jenny Meeten with us in March. There schedule is packed, traveling to so many places in the world to speak to many who are hungry to hear the word of God in all its depth.




A Baptism - March, 2009

It was a joy for us to have a baptism in March. As usual we went down to the beach at Newport Beach, a perfect place to declare to the world with our actions that those who were baptized and the rest of the church have committed our lives to Jesus. Cha Lazatin, Natalie Breeden, and Andrew and Nathanael Minarik were all baptized. Wonderful time!




Breakfast at O'Neill Park

and ministry from Bernard and Hazel Hull - January, 2009

Our dear friends Bernard and Hazel Hull visited us in January, 2009.  There ministry is rich and full of grace. God blessed our time together!! During their visit our church had a breakfast at O'Neill Park on a beautiful rainy (!!) morning. But the truth is, we all had a great time there!!




Christmas Dinner - December, 2008

As we have often loved to do, we had our Christmas dinner in December. We love to meet together as a church, and to invite friends, too. Church is all about people meeting with Jesus Christ, knowing and growing in His life, and experience how we are joined together, working together, growing together in the Spirit of God.




Kayaking - August & September, 2008

In August and September some of the brethren in our church and friends  went kayaking in Newport Beach, not far from Santa Ana where our church meets together. There weren't many experts among us, but it was a fun time. A few of us got super sunburned... and the very thought still makes us hurt!!! And our muscles were sore! But it was a great and unforgettable time.




The Wedding of Rob and Cha Tackett - June, 2008

In June two of the members of our church, and great friends, Rob and Cha were married. Wonderful!!! Congratulations to you both!!!!!!




Graduation Time - May, 2008

Two of the young women in the church graduated from their universities this spring. Kim Porowski graduated from Vanguard University in Costa Mesa, California and Allison Abel graduated from Biola University in La Mirada, California. Both schools are well-respected Christian universities. Way to go, girls!!!!




Christmas Dinner - December, 2007

On December 15th our church had its annual Christmas Dinner. Christmas is a holiday that almost all of America and many places in the world celebrate. We see it as a great opportunity to gather together, enjoy one another's company, share the love of God with visitors and talk of the birth of Jesus and His purpose in coming into this world. The world is a cold and hard place to live in, but Jesus was born to deliver man out of the sin and heartache of life and bring him into the holiness and love of His life. Wonderful!!




Retreat to Idyllwild Pines Christian Camp - September, 2007

Once again our church went on a retreat to Idyllwild Pines Christian Camp in Idyllwild, California. It was excellent in every way. It is so difficult to communicate how God works and blesses a group of people who set aside some time to be together away from all the busy-ness of routine life. God spoke to our hearts, He knit us together in a deeper way, He changed lives, He showed us more of His love and grace and reality. Oh, and we had great fun, too... great food... great weather.


              Photos of the Retreat!


Larry and Ruth Hill - July, 2007

Our friends Larry and Ruth Hill had not visited our church before. We all had a great time with them. Richard and Kathy met Larry several years ago in China, as he is one of the members of the Executive Board of Caring for China there in China. Richard and Kathy also had the privilege of visiting the Hills at their home outside of Dublin, Ireland for a week back in September, 2004. They spoke several times in our meetings during their visit with us. It is clear that our church has made a bond that will last! Thanks, Larry and Ruth!




Norman and Jenny Meeten - March 15-22, 2007

Our friends Norman and Jenny Meeten visited us again in March. They have visited us many times in the past, including several retreats that we have had as a church. We love their visits, and were very blessed by their ministry among us.




Christmas Dinner December 17th, 2006

Our Christmas dinner on December 17th was a nice time as always. Tons of great food and a super drama by the kids about the real meaning of Christmas. Thanks to Brenda for all her work!!




The Wedding of Scott and Alondra - October, 2006

What a blessed wedding it was! Many of Scott's family flew in from Wisconsin. And Alondra's family, many who are native to California, came out as well. The Lord blessed the day.




Farewell Party for the Sinclairs - October, 2006

It was a sad day indeed for our church when Mark and Peggy moved away to their new home in Colville, Washington. We did, however, elect them as mayor and first lady of Colville, as you can see by the hats and signs that they are wearing! We will miss them!




Scott and Dave's Baptism - October, 2006

Our church had a baptism down at the beach on Sunday afternoon of October 8th. Scott Mack and Dave LaBrousse were baptized. Both Scott and Dave have given their lives to the Lord Jesus but had not been baptized. So most of the church went out to witness it. Wonderful!




Retreat to Idyllwild Pines Christian Camp - September, 2006

We had a great time away at the Idyllwild Pines Christian Camp in Idyllwild, California in September, 2006. This year we met up in the mountain town of Idyllwild from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon. We had two gatherings in which we worshiped, prayed, sang, shared and listened to the teaching of our dear friend Bernard Hull. In a third gathering outside around a campfire we worshiped again and had an opportunity for people in our church to ask questions regarding all kinds of things and listen to the answers Bernard and Hazel his wife had to offer. The meetings were so worth while.


We also played "capture the flag" on Saturday afternoon. Despite some bruises and scrapes, we had a great time. Some of us felt the aches and pains of sore muscles for the next few days. We ended in a 0 to 0 tie. We will have to change some rules if there is a next time, but it was great fun.






A Sunday Hike at Santiago Oaks Park, April, 2006

It was great to get out in the afternoon of the 30th of April to take a hike. Usually at this time of year the vegetation is turning brown, but there was a whole lot of green to be seen. Click on the Photos! button above to see some of the photos.





A Sunday morning at O'Neil Park, March, 2006

Sunday morning the 19th of March our church took a break from the routine and met at O'Neil Park for a delicious early morning breakfast and a meeting together with the Lord afterwards. Robbie, Dave L., Doug and Carolyn cooked up a great meal. Afterwards we worshipped the Lord together. There was a love for Jesus expressed among us. Mark, Robbie and Richard shared from the Bible and their experiences of the Lord. The kids loved exploring the park, and we all loved spending some quality time together.




A visit from Bernard and Hazel Hull, December, 2005

It is always a tremendous blessing to have a visit from Bernard and Hazel. They stayed with us for 10 days from Christmas through the New Year.




Christmas Dinner December 18th, December, 2005

We put on our Christmas Dinner on Sunday evening the 18th. Great time again. The play by the kids was fabulous and fun. The recounted the story of the birth of Jesus with a few interesting twists. Great food and fellowship as well!




Catalina Island, August, 2005

In August a bunch of us took a beautiful and windy boat ride to Catalina Island. It was a great time of fellowship together as we had the opportunity to ride through the hills there, as well as shop and wander around the town.




John and Celia Valentine, originally involved with one of the house churches in England, were led by God to begin a Bible school and farm in Zimbabwe, Africa, over 25 years ago. The work is called Ameva Bible College. Despite the difficulties they have faced over the years, God has raised up a tremendous work among the people. They visited and shared with us of what is going on there, and spoke the word of God to us in some special meetings.


Richard and Kathy also had the joy of traveling to the Grand Canyon with John and Celia to show off some of the beauty of America.




Robbie Laliberte's Baptism, August, 2005

In August Robbie Laliberte was baptized in Newport Beach at the Balboa Peninsula. He is a brother in the church who has been with us since early 2005. It is a precious thing to be able to declare in a public and outward way that which has taken place in a personal and inward way in one's heart and life. Robbie, great to have you with us!!




Retreat to Idyllwild Pines Christian Camp - April, 2005

Our time away at the Idyllwild Pines Christian Camp in Idyllwild, California in April, 2005 was great. The Lord Jesus once said to His disciples after they had spent a season of hard work, "Come aside by yourselves to a deserted place and rest awhile." (Mark 6:31). They had worked so hard that there was no time even to eat meals. So Jesus Himself told them it would be good to take a break. They had time to consider things, to ponder what had happened up till then, to reflect on things to come.


One cannot measure the tremendous blessing that comes to to our hearts and lives as we are open to the Spirit of God during a weekend away. The camp location was excellent, the food was great, the fellowship among all those that came was fun and refreshing, and the word of God was rich, deep and challenging. Our dear friend and guest speaker from England, Norman Meeten, spoke in each of the three meetings we had. The Lord spoke to our hearts. We want to go on with Jesus!




Retreat to Big Bear, March, 2003

Resurrection Life Church enjoyed a spiritual retreat at Arrowhead Lutheran Camp in Big Bear in March, 2003 with guest speaker Bernard Hull of Stouffville Ontario, Canada.  We enjoyed the clear mountain air, the whispering pines, hiking, basketball, ping pong, time together without the responsibility of cooking, and more importantly, time to wait on God. We heard topics on various themes including the heart of God and man and the Church. Downloads of these are available on this website.  Check out some photos!




Hiking / Biking, Spring, 2003

Because many of the members of Resurrection Life Church are families with children we often do things together like enjoying the great outdoors!  In March we enjoyed biking along the mountain paths at Irvine Regional Park.  We have also enjoyed hiking and picnicking at Joshua Tree and other nature settings.




25th Church Anniversary, March, 2002       

In March 2002 we celebrated our 25th Church Anniversary!   Our church was previously known as Antioch Community Church and Costa Mesa Christian Fellowship before we became Resurrection Life Church about 15 years ago. We came into being during a move of the Holy Spirit in the 70ís as an offshoot of a church in Costa Mesa. We celebrated the wonderful occasion of our 25th anniversary inviting several previous members including the previous pastor, Jim Kerwin, to come and visit and share in what God has done through this church.  It was a very encouraging time to hear the testimonies of the many people God has worked in over time and how God has lead us since those early days and continues to lead us now and will lead us in the future.


             Photos from 1977 to 2002