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A Tribute to Enid Miller

Our dear friend Enid Miller went to be with the Lord Jesus on Friday, May 16, 2014. We will all miss her!! She was a dear lady who was part of our church for about ten years until the last years of her life when she was unable to leave her home at Town and Country Manor.


As a young lady she had it on her heart to be a missionary and eventually went there at the age of 24 and worked among the people of Gabon for 37 years. She spent some of her time there teaching English, running a Christian book store, and translated the New Testament into the Banzebi language. Though most of the country uses the French translation of the Bible, Enid's is the translation still used today among those who only speak Banzebi.


We love her dearly, and thought it would be good to let you all know a little bit about her life!


Kim Seim wrote a short story of Enid's life that was printed in the March, 2002 issue of the Alliance Life magazine. It is worth reading!!




Below are some photos of her life.

Click on a photo to see a larger view.  


Enid grew up in the United States, traveling with her family to various places to live due to her father's job. These photos are of her early years. In the third photo she is the second from the left. In the fourth she is on the left.



In the first photo below Enid poses with her mom in Pasadena, California. The next is of Enid while in New York City when she was 23 years old.



In the first photo Enid has just arrived in the Congo by train. She had to travel through jungle country to get to and from her work in the Gabon. In the third photo she is the lady to the far right at a gathering of missionaries.






The first photo is where Enid spent her first days translating the New Testament into the Banzebi language. The second is a celebration the mission had when the translation was printed for the first time. The fifth photo shows a main menu of monkey before it was prepared for dinner. The last photo is a going away party held at one location before Enid moved on.