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About Us

We are a group of Christians from different backgrounds and places who love the Lord God with all our hearts. Put off by superficial solutions to life, we have discovered that by surrendering completely to the Lord Jesus Christ and yielding our lives into His hands, He has given us the ability to know Him in a real way; He has given us freedom from the awful guilt and power of sin; and He has given us fulfillment and a love for God and man. It is only by Jesus Christís death and resurrection that anyone can be brought into this wonderful new life. We are convinced of the reality of it because the Bible speaks of it and because we have experienced it for ourselves.


Our Purpose

We are here to grow in this life and knowledge of God together; and also to be a refuge for people in which they can discover and know Godís greatness for themselves. We want you and others to know and experience this precious life firsthand. We want His life, His love, His power and His glory to be seen and known in the world.


An Invitation

We invite you to be with us at our next meeting. We find His presence very real in our gatherings. Our gatherings have clear leadership, but are open and informal. Each person is free to pray, speak, or choose a song as we seek to give the Lord room to move among us by His Spirit. There is also substantial time given to the preaching of the word of God.


We ourselves are nothing really: a collection of people having various strengths and weaknesses, needing to grapple with problems and pressures that make up so much of human life. Nevertheless, with us you will find friends. You will find help. You will find the Truth because you will find Jesus in our midst. So come and visit us as we meet together in the warm and friendly atmosphere of homes of people in our church.


For Resurrection Life Church,

Richard Porowski